Your Favorite Types Of Coffee Explained!

If you are a coffee lover, you are probably enamored by the extensive list of drinks available at high-end cafés and coffee shops. The ‘espresso’ is, however, a classic. With an espresso machine at home, you can make most of the common coffee-drinks that people rave about. Before making espresso at home with a pump espresso machine, take a quick look at the most common names on the list.

  • Short black espresso. Most of the espresso-based drinks include espresso, which is the coffee you get by pushing water at high pressure through the finely-ground coffee beans. The signature of espresso is the crema, which is a foamy bitter-sweet layer on the top. A regular cup of espresso has one shot, while a double espresso has two shots of espresso in the same cup.
  • Macchiato. Macchiato is like espresso in terms of taste, but it contains a small amount of milk and foam. If you don’t like the bitter taste of espresso, this is the drink for you. A cup of macchiato contains one shot of espresso with milk and foam on the top. In some cafés, you will hear the term called ‘long macchiato’, which basically contains two shots of espresso and tastes much stronger.
  • Americano. Also, otherwise known as long black, an Americano contains hot water, with one shot of espresso on the top. For those who like the punch of an espresso but without the strong flavors, this is the drink to go for.
  • Latte. Latte, or a café latte, is made with espresso and milk. Typically, the drink includes one shot of espresso in a glass, with steamed milk and micro-foam. The latter is added to the top of the milk. In some parts of the world, latte is served in a tumbler, but in the US, a cup can be used. Nevertheless, a latte is your taste of espresso without the bitterness.
  • Cappuccino. A cup of cappuccino contains one shot of espresso along with foam, milk and chocolate (in some cafés), and usually, it is served in a cup. The taste is much comparable to that of latte. A version of cappuccino known as flat white is available in parts of the world, especially in Australia, which doesn’t contain any foam on the top but taste the same.
  • Mocha. As the name probably indicates, a mocha contains chocolate. It doesn’t have the bitterness of espresso but doesn’t taste like cappuccino either. Typically, a cup of mocha contains one espresso shot, one spoon of cocoa/chocolate power, steamed milk and foam.

Cafés and coffee shops have been experimenting with espresso for the longest time, so don’t be surprised to find signature drinks at many outlets. Most of the espresso-based drinks are known for the flavor, and depending on whether you like the bitter-sweet flavor or not, you can make a choice. With a pump espresso machine, you can easily make a latte or a regular double-shot espresso at home – Make a shot, and don’t shy away from taking chances with your espresso.

Author Bio – Lindsay Morales has been working as a barista for more than 4 years. She started to write about coffee last year, promoting espresso and coffee making as a hobby. Her objective is to help people make great coffee at home.