The Top 2 Most Glorious Pizza Styles in America

Pizza is life. It truly is. It goes beyond food to unite groups of discordant people. And it can be made in so many ways that it’s just about impossible to not find one that will please you. While there are many varieties, the premise of pizza is simple. Some dough, some sauce, some cheese, and perhaps some extras to top it all off.

All the world over, pizza is a beloved food that is a meal. Hand-held on the go down the busy city streets, by candle-light with the one you love, in the center of your dining room table for the kids to grab when they get home from soccer and ballet. Nothing brings people together quite like pizza.

But while everyone can agree that pizza is one of the best foods there is, there is still much debate as to which type of pizza is the winner. Because beyond the sauce and toppings, there are styles in which they are prepared. And that’s a game changer.

There are so many styles of pizza out there, but in America, it seems that 2 of them are the most debated in regards to being the king of pizza styles. Discuss!

  1. Chicago Pan Pizza

If you’ve never had a Chicago pan pizza, you need to make that happen right now. It’s a deep dish pizza that was created in the 1940s by a former football player from the University of Texas by the name of Sewell. His dream was to open a restaurant and he followed that dream right on up to the Windy City. Back then though, it was only an appetizer!

  1. New York Style

Now, wait a minute. Just because we’re talking about it second doesn’t mean it’s not as good. Really, it’s a matter of preference and quite honestly for this pizza lover here, it really depends on my mood which of these two I’ll choose. That being said, New York style pizza is the other most popular pizza style in America. Hand-tossed into a wide and thin circle, New York style pizza MUST be folded in half while eating it, no exceptions. To true New Yorkers, you should never top your pizza with anything except lots of pepperoni or lots of cheese.

Back in 1905, Gennaro Lombardi arrived as an immigrant with big dreams of selling his perfect pizza. In those days, he sold a whole pizza for just one nickel. Some people would offer a little less in exchange for less pizza, and that is how pizza by the slice started.  Too bad pizza prices aren’t the same today!

So while you will find other types of pizza in America, some with lavish and even outlandish toppings, these two pizza types have stood the test of time. They’ve caused arguments as to which is better but every time, it’s settled by sitting down together for a slice of pizza pie. If only the whole world shared a pizza together, it might just find a piece of peace.

The American Dream was said to be first conceptualized in verse or song, conceptualized as the majestic angel of Manifest Destiny. Us true historians know it was all, and still is, about the pizza pie.

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