Is a Tassimo Bosch coffee maker right for me?

The beauty of Tassimo lies in its versatility: over 60 available drink options, a wide range of machine styles and sizes, and some exciting special features! The many Tassimo Bosch coffee machines are designed with a variety of lifestyles in mind. That means there’s a model to fit your needs, no matter what your days might look like.

You need a quick fix

Busy people need fast solutions. Perhaps you like a quick espresso in the morning, a last-minute latte for an afternoon meeting at the office, or a speedy bedtime cup of tea. Tassimo Bosch machines can get you the caffeine fix you need in no time! The water heats up in no time, so your favorite hot drinks can be brewed and ready to drink within moments.

You like having options

Monday: macchiato. Tuesday: tea latte. Wednesday… You get the picture. The Bosch Tassimo machines combine a whole café worth of drink options in one clever piece of technology. Each T DISC flavor pod has a unique barcode, telling the machine exactly how to brew the perfect coffee, tea, or hot chocolate every single time. The higher-end Tassimo Bosch coffee makers even offer the option to personalize your favorite drinks! Escape boring routines with a different hot beverage five times a day, seven days a week.

You don’t want to break the bank

It can be a fun treat to stop at a coffee shop every day for your usual to-go cup of coffee. However, that’s the kind of routine that can break the bank over time… Enter the Tassimo Bosch collection of coffee machines. With a drinks menu worthy of the best specialty cafés, you’re sure to find your favorite classics and some new hot drink obsessions on the list. Brew creamy cappuccinos and chai teas right at home or in the office. And then sit down to decide what to do with all the money you’ll save!

You enjoy smart tech

Of all the ways technology has simplified our lives, brewing custom coffee at the touch of a button has to be one of the more exciting tech advances. Tassimo’s barcode system completely takes the guesswork out of the perfect cup of coffee by adding automated brewing information to each T DISC pod. The coffee makers are equipped with auto-cleaning and descaling functions. And they’re designed to conserve energy by going into standby mode after each brewing cycle. This is home technology at its best.

You love to entertain

If you’re a frequent party host, you’ll love having a Tassimo Bosch coffee machine in your home. The models with larger water tanks hold enough water to serve custom drinks orders to all your friends and family. Your guests will get a kick out of all the available options, and you’ll be back at the centre of the party in the blink of an eye. Don’t miss a moment of quality time – simply press the magic button and let the machine take care of the rest.

It’s for you

The shortest answer to the question “Is a Tassimo Bosch coffee maker right for me?” is a resounding, “Yes, absolutely!” Since there is a wide range of machines available, there is bound to be at least one that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Discover the right coffee maker to complete your home or office right here on the Tassimo website!