Assuage Consumer Anxiety By Using Only Natural Preservatives

Have you ever heard about the urban legend that suggests preservatives in our favourite packaged foods can slow the decomposition of the dead for up to 30 years after burial? Admittedly, there’s no hard scientific evidence to back this claim, but it appeals to our paranoia about our food. The legend only persists because of growing concerns about the quality of the food we eat on a daily basis. It’s not hard to see how consumers anxious about the healthfulness of particular products. Twinkies can supposedly survive the nuclear apocalypse, and McDonald’s hamburgers can last months (or even years) after they come off of the grill. It’s only natural to question what these food items are doing to our bodies once we digest them.

With the wide adoption of the Internet, there has been an explosion of information about consumer products on a scale never before seen in the history of humankind. People are more concerned than ever with the origin of the foods they eat and the effects these meals have on their bodies. As a result, they read up on articles — some truthful, some misleading — about the ways in which artificial ingredients will affect their health. Food manufacturers have an amazing opportunity to address the concerns of their customers by adopting an ingredient list that aligns more readily with the newly discerning public palate.

There are natural or clean-label options for preservatives that have been developed by the more forward-thinking food ingredient distribution companies, such as those created by Cambrian Solutions. They have developed products and processes that replace the traditional, purely chemical food preservatives such as sodium benzoate, sodium propionate, potassium sorbate, or sodium erythorbate. This is a huge benefit, because as you can imagine, these alphabet-soup ingredients aren’t particularly palatable to consumers scrutinizing labels!

The natural preservatives from Cambrian are manufactured from raw, healthful ingredients using straightforward production methods so that when these materials appear on the label they offer reassurance to consumers rather than anxiety. Few products on the market are  able to offer the same superior microbial control and shelf-life extension as theirs do without resorting to the use of chemical compounds. They can also aid with colour-fixing in fresh meat or providing natural colour stabilization in beverages, both of which ensure your food product — whatever it happens to be — stays attractive to your customers for as long as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting solution to contemporary chemical anxiety, check out how easy it is to switch over to natural, clean-label preservatives. Your customers — and your shareholders — will thank you!