7 Delicious Roast Duck Recipes

Most of us tend to think that duck meat is usually highly under-utilised protein source. You can order for duck, if you eat out and you can also cook it at home on any occasion, but many people who have never tried and tasted it or simply never used it in their home think that it is too expensive to cook and also are not too sure how it can be cooked. In today’s post, we will share 7 duck breast recipes which can be quite delicious.

First of all, you need to understand that duck is very tasty and also it is good for your health. It is considered as a great protein source, iron, B-vitamins and essential minerals. You can also visit the website canardsdulacbrome.com and learn about many other recipes of duck meat.

Also, duck meats like chicken, also belongs to the poultry group, however its meat is slightly darker in colour. Also, it has more flavoursome, more distinct flavour as compared to chicken. After they are cooked, it turns into a lovely umami flavour, even if it is little salty and without any seasoning. After it is cooked properly, it is tender and juicy, and if you ever taste duck fat, it is really very tasty. Therefore, no wonder that French people love cooking with duck.

Following are few of the recipes:

  • Roast Duck with Citrus Pan Sauce

Simply any citrus pan sauce will be needed to prepare this simple roasted duck, which is cooked into a very rich caramel brown.

  • Slow-Roasted Duck with Orange-Sherry Sauce

Here ducks are stuffed with onions so that meat can remain moist. It is then roasted slowly to cook fat.

  • Slow-Cooked Duck with Green Olives and Herbes de Provence

A very delicious duck recipe that you will ever find. By slow-cooking the duck with aromatics, it will be as tasty as confit and after broiling the skin is fully crisp.

  • Spice-Roasted Duck

This super easy dish of duck dish, the trick is to get crunchy duck skin by dry-brining the duck, and then seasoning it and thereafter letting it to rest inside the refrigerator overnight.

  • Duck à l’Orange

Another classic recipe which is crispiest sink.

  • Roast Duck with Five-Spice Sauce and Rice Noodles

Crisp and glazed duck is usually served in traditional Asian fashion and cut into a number of small pieces and then served with chewy noodles, crisp radishes, tart lime and refreshing cilantro.

  • Sour-Cherry-Stuffed Duck Breasts with Thyme

Duck roast is usually stuffed with a sweet-and-sour cherry filling.